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Create a Safe Swimming Pool Area

Swimming pools are a great source of family fun, but it's important to be sure that your pool area is completely safe for everyone before you start to use the pool. Children who are unable to swim independently are a drowning risk, especially those who are very young. For this reason, there are laws in many areas requiring that glass pool fencing be installed around a pool that meets certain specifications.

Drownings of children under five years of age are most frequently caused by them being able to gain access to the pool itself too easily. Unfortunately, it's far too easy for a child to slip away from the group and drown in mere minutes, so it's crucial to have barriers preventing this from happening.

What are several pool features you should have in place in order to keep everyone safe?

First, the fencing around your pool should be of the height specified by your area's regulations. It should also be fitted with a gate that closes and latches on its own. In addition, you should not have anything around the fence that allows anyone to climb and gain access to the pool area, such as trees or ladders.

What are the benefits of glass pool fencing, when speaking about pool safety?

Glass is wonderful for pool fencing, because it allows you to see anything that is happening in the pool area. Glass is also an incredibly smooth surface, so it's quite difficult to climb over to gain access to the pool.

All pool owners should be sure that their fencing meets the measurements we discuss.

This will help stop children from climbing through gaps or climbing over the fence.

In NSW, pool fences must meet the following dimensions:

  • when measured from ground level, be at least 1.2m tall
  • not have a gap any larger than 10cm at the bottom, measuring from the finished ground level
  • not have any gaps between any vertical posts that measure more than 10cm
  • have spaces at least 90cm between all horizontal bars

Australian Standard 2820 states that a glass gate used on a pool fence needs to last at least 10,000 cycles without failing. This is the equivalent of about ten years of usage for a normal fence. You also need to make sure that all hinges and latches can stand up to ongoing outdoor usage.

What is the lifespan of an average glass pool fence?

Glass is incredibly durable. Glass pool fences can last for many times the life of a conventional pool fence. In addition, these fences require far less maintenance than other pool fences.