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Frequently Asked Questions

While there is no doubt that glass pool fencing is elegant and adds to the beauty of a pool, it is an item that brings with it a lot of questions that need to be answered. Read on here, for our attempt at answering the questions that most people come up with. Visit the homepage for more details about our fixings and panels.

Is Glass Pool Fencing As Per Australian Standards and Local Council Requirements?

Any glass pool fencing that you buy in Australia is more than likely to exceed the standards set out in Australia and will definitely meet with any local council requirements.

What Is the Strength of Glass Used For Fencing?

Pool fencing glass is 8mm, 10mm or 12mm thick and is safety glass that has been toughened. This toughening of the glass ensures that when it is broken, it will break into small pieces that are not likely to cause any cuts.

How Is Gate Safety Ensured?

A glass pool fencing will have a gate that is safe, because of the self-closing hinges that it will have, which prevent it from being left accidentally open. Latches on these gates are in such a position that children may not find them easy to access.

What Surfaces Can Fences Be Attached to?

You can fix the glass pool fencing on concrete, pavers or tiles. You will, however, need special fixing devices if you plan to fix the pool fence to a timber deck. You can even install these fences on a lawn or in a garden, as long as you create concrete pads to which the fixing attachments can be directly screwed.

Is It Possible to Climb a Glass Fence?

The surface of this fencing is smooth and sheer and this makes it difficult for children to climb over, as the surfaces will not allow access to any handholds or footholds.

What Are the Different Glass Pool Fencing Types?

You can get glass pool fences that have no frames or some form of framing. The semi-frameless fencing will have glass that is fixed to posts, whereas the frameless type will be fixed in place through special channels or clamps.

Do You Want Colours for Glass Pool Fencing?

The standard glass pool fencing is clear and you can opt for posts or other fixtures that are in stainless steel or black, though you can also choose powder coating of the colour of your choice. You can also make a choice of glass that is clear or of the tint that you choose.

Are Glass Pool Fencing Costs Affordable?

You will find this fencing more expensive than the other types of pool fencing that are commonly available, but glass pool fencing can add a lot of value to your property and this can allow you to recoup your cost. Semi-frameless pool fencing is more affordable than the fencing that is frameless.

Do You Need Glass Pool Fencing Installers?

You can find glass pool installers who are registered to carry out the work. The work does not take more than a day or two. However, the fencing is also available in DIY kits, that may require you to have some tools and some ability to do the work.

Do They Require Maintenance?

This fencing requires very little maintenance and can get by with just being cleaned regularly. Use marine grade stainless steel or aluminum that has been powder coated, and you will not have any worries about the fence rusting.