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Coloured Glass Pool Fencing

When it comes to having a pool, one of the best things you can do to secure the area and keep it safe is to install pool fencing. Fencing does not mean that you have to settle for a boring old fence. coloured glass pool fencing allows you to brighten the area and create interest. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about coloured glass pool fencing.

What is Coloured Glass Pool Fencing?

Coloured glass, or toned glass, can be used for pool fencing. Metal oxides are added to the glass to produce a variety of colours. The amount of oxides added determines the intensity of the colour. coloured glass is available in bronze, gray, blue and green. The glass is then formed into panels that can be installed using special posts and clamps much like standard glass pool fencing is installed.

The Safety of Coloured Glass Pool Fencing

Coloured glass pool fencing is a safe option for fencing around a pool. The glass is manufactured so that it is strong and resists breakage. If the glass does break it is designed to break in cubes rather than dangerous shards. coloured glass pool fencing, when installed correctly, is fully compliant with the regulations surrounding pool fencing. Additionally, because of the smoothness of the glass, there is no toe holds for kids to climb on, making it the perfect choice for those with children.

Coloured Glass Pool Fencing is Beautiful

If you like the look of glass pool fencing, but you would like to have a little more of a "wow" factor, check out coloured glass. coloured glass fencing can tie in with your home and landscaping. For example, if your home or patio area is gray, a light or dark gray glass fence can coordinate perfectly.

coloured glass pool fencing helps you define your pool area. Additionally, because the fence is glass, it will help open the space up. The glass is see through, yet still, helps to define the pool area. This means you can view the rest of your landscape while still separating your pool from the other areas of your yard.

Coloured glass can also make the water in your pool look even more dramatic. You can use a variety of hue of blues and greens or even bronze you change the look of your pool water. Whether you want to create a tropical feel or a sophisticated feel, coloured glass pool fencing can create the look you desire.