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Cleaning a Glass Pool Fence

Make Cleaning Your Glass Pool Fence Easy With These Tips

Most local codes require pool owners to install a fence to prevent children from having easy access to it. Installing glass pool fencing is a great way to comply with the law, while at the same time retaining an unobstructed view of your pool. If you choose to install a glass pool fence, you'll want to use these tips for keeping your fence a beautiful as when you had it installed.

Don't Waste Your Time with General Glass Cleaners

General glass cleaners tend to leave unsightly smudges behind when used on glass fences. The reason why is because glass pool fencing is a special purpose product that requires the use of specially formulated cleaners to prevent smudging.

Make It Easy

Most of the time it isn't even necessary to use a cleaner at all. All you really need is a clean non-abrasive microfiber washcloth and a bit of warm water to clean your fence.

Wash Your Fence Frequently

It is much easier to keep a glass pool fence clean if you don't procrastinate. They are quick and easy to wipe down, so a cleaning every few months is a simple way to keep your fence sparkling.

Use Pool Glass Cleaners on Stubborn Marks

Frequent cleaning will prevent most stubborn marks from forming, but if you do have one it'll be time to break out the pool glass cleaner. Simply mix some of the cleaner into some warm water, and apply it to the glass with a sponge. Hose off the glass, and you're all done!

Air Dry Your Glass

Save yourself some trouble, and leave the towel inside. After washing your fence, allow it to dry naturally. It'll look crystal clear with no streaks once it's dry!

Apply a Protective Coating to your Glass

You can buy fencing that already has a special coating applied to the glass to prevent dirt build-up, but these cost a premium. Don't do that. You can apply the same coating easily from home, and it'll make your clean up that much easier.

Don't Neglect your Posts and Balustrades

Posts and balustrades should be cleaned every so often. Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners and abrasive cloths to clean them. It is very much preferred to a soft cloth and warm water. Powder-coated materials are easiest to clean with methylated spirits. Always follow the manufacturers usage recommendations.

Maintaining your glass pool fence will be much easier by following these tips. You're fence will look great, and you'll have the unobstructed view of your pool that you always wanted.