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Pool fences made with toughened glass are becoming increasingly popular in Sydney. The panels are held in place by special clamps made from either stainless steel or aluminium. The panels are most commonly available in a semi-frameless or frameless casing, its popularity can be attributed to the clean, contemporary design.

Why Is it So Popular?

One of the reasons why this type of barrier is so popular in Sydney is that it looks great and does not present with any obstructions regarding views.

Why is this a good thing?

Well, you can supervise children from outside of the pool area without any concern for pool fencing bars obstructing your view. Furthermore, glass fencing requires little maintenance or rather the maintenance is simple, with easy cleaning on a semi-regular basis.

What About Security Issues?

A question many people constantly ask revolves around the security of this style of barrier. Can it really keep the kids away from the dangers of water? The answer is a resounding yes! The panels are actually a lot harder to climb than older steel fences.

All of our fences comply with the rules and regulations of NSW in regards to barriers around pools.

It is also the safe option as the material used is a toughened type of panel measuring between 8mm to 12mm in thickness. The panels are highly impact-resistant and are unlikely to break if hit by an object. If, however, the panels do break, they will shatter into small pieces which are unlikely to cause any damage to people.

The panels are unlikely to move once installed, so you do not need to be concerned regarding the movement of glass pool fencing. This is because the panels are securely set using spigot fixing, channel fixing or standoff fixing techniques. Furthermore, all Sydney glass pool fencing is installed according to Australian Council regulations relevant to Australian government standards.

Who Performs Installation

All installations must be completed by licensed installation technicians. It is essential that you use a qualified and licensed builder as the structure must comply with Australian Standards to ensure that your local council will approve the construction.

Reputable fencers will have experience in installation and can complete an installation quickly according to regulations. Of course, it is possible to install DIY, however this type of fencing is unforgiving and any mistakes can be costly.

What Surfaces Can We Install On?

Oddly enough, we can be install on a plethora of surfaces. While tiles and concrete are the most common surfaces used, it is possible to install a on decking, garden beds and lawns.

The decking, concrete and tiles require less work for installation as all you need is to drill holes into the surface, then utilise specific cement bases to securely fix the posts. When completing an installation on garden beds or lawn surfaces, it is necessary to first apply concrete pads and then use the same technique mentioned above.

If, however, you plan on completing the installation of the pool fence on wooden decking it is necessary to use special bases for the posts. You must attach the special bases to the posts to ensure that they are securely fastened and will hold the panels in place.

Is it Available In Different Colours?

While the panels that are used are mostly clear, it is possible to purchase different colour panels when designing your outdoor area. The posts are covered in a specifically coloured powder; therefore, causing the each panel to appear a certain colour via a tinting effect.
For example, if you choose for the posts to be silver the panels will present with a silver sheen.

What Are The Benefits?

This product has become one of the more popular and preferred options for Australian residences. While it has always been one of the more admired options, the majority of average homeowners were wary of using steel panelling to enclose the outdoor pool area. It was assumed that this option would be too costly or fragile; however, this is untrue. Contrary to this belief, it is quite affordable and durable to get a glass pool fence Sydney.

Is it for Me?

As is mentioned above, one of the main benefits to using these panels is the presentation of unobstructed views. Due to the fact that glass pool fencing Sydney is created using a toughened safety glass, they are wide and secured from the post base. This not only provides an unobstructed view but also makes the appearance sophisticated without removing any strength or security measures.

Types of Fittings

One of the key decisions homeowners need to make when hiring a Sydney glass pool fencing company is what type of fixtures they should use.

The three different types of fittings include channel fixing, standoff fixing, and spigot fixing - all techniques used to securely fasten the glass panels from their bases.

Channel fixing is a type of fitting where the channels are built into the concrete surface surrounding the pool. This is done while the pool itself is being constructed placing the glass panels into channels of grout.

The standoff fixing technique involves a mechanism where the panels are held away from the perimeter using a standoff fixing. The fixing is an item that holds the panels at a vertical angle when used in a flight of stairs, for instance; however, as a pool fencing fixture, it will assume an appearance of panels being built against a wall.

Spigot fixing involves the use of a fitting that is initially fixed to the base surface. Once the fitting is on the ground, the panel is secured to a specifically designed stainless steel spigot. This type of fitting is the more popular option as it places the panels several millimetres above the ground surface removing the need for maintenance to clear away dirt or accumulated debris.

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